Belize Fishing 2004

This trip was June 15th. to 20th. and was made by 7 Stags Brothers. The sixties team was made up by: Gaston Ruiz, John Scopetta and Steve Bischoff. The fifties team was made up by: Terry Grant, Keno McNeil, Don Humphries and Jim Kavney.


On our way from MIA

Brothers: Jim, Don and Keno heading for Belize, it took a long time to get here..

First day sitting around the hotel, we fish tomorrow.

Brothers: Don, Terry, Steve and Keno.

First day knot tying class given by top fisherman Don Humphries

Brothers: Don, Steve, Jim, Terry and John.

Getting ready to head for the docks.

Brothers: Steve, John, Gaston, Terry, Don and Keno.

Early morning at the hotel on the first fishing day.

Early morning at the hotel on the first fishing day the boys can't wait.

Brothers: Gaston, Terry, Steve and Keno.

Waiting in the shade to get started.

Brothers: Don and Terry.

Terry has his first snook in the boat

Brothers: Don and Terry.

On the river at last.

Brothers: Steve and John.

No fish yet but their spirits are high.

Brothers: Gaston, and Steve.

Hot pursuit after that first fish.

Brothers: Gaston, Steve and John.

These guys are working hard but no luck yet!

Brothers: Gaston, Steve and John.

Back at the dock the first day with little to show, but John did get a Jack

Brothers: Steve, Gaston and John.

Back at the dock the first day, Jim, Don and Terry brought in a snook,well Jim had 2.

Boy! That pool looks good!

We're starting the second fishing day with a good breakfast.

Brothers: Keno, Terry, Gaston, Steve, John and Jim.

Back on the water what will we get today?????

Brothers: John, Gaston and Steve.

Working the mangroves.

Brothers: Jim and Keno.

Working the fish to the boat.

Brothers: Gaston and Steve.

Steve got his first snook in the boat.


Terry got a big one on!

Terry lands a 22.88888888 pound jewfish.

Brothers: Terry and Don.

Captain Noel, inspects Terry 22.8888888 pound jewfish and tells him it may be a worlds record on 8 pound test line. Could you imagine if it was a worlds record? There would be no living with Terry. But, in any case it was an outstanding catch on 8 pound line, showing the skill of an expert angler.

Steve shows Don one of his snook.

It was this big!

Brothers: Keno and Jim.

Jim and Steve with their catch of the day.

Terry has his fish ready for the cutting board.

We are going to eat big tonight.

Back at the hotel fish stories are exchanged!

Brothers: Don and Steve.

Looks like these guys are heading out on the town to the Princess Casino.

Brothers: John, Steve and Gaston.

Night at the Princess Casino.

Brothers: Gaston, Terry, Steve and John.

While the guys were out drinking and gambling at the casino, Don and I were out looking for snakes. Here I'm about to grab a five foot caiman. Didn't get him, it would have made a great picture. Next time for sure.

Gaston is trying to sell Terry and I his Yo-yos because he's feeling pressure from the 50's team.

Brothers: Jim, Terry and Gaston.

John loading up with drinks for the third day out.


OK, the pressure is on the 60's team they are down two to zero. Can they come back today?

Brothers: John and Steve.

Can the 50's team win it all today?

Brothers: Terry and Keno.

Don and I fished the out islands for permit and bonefish. Don lands the smallest bonefish in the Western Hemisphere, a new worlds record.

Fishing camp on one of the out islands.

Meanwhile back at the dock, John holds up a 40 pound plus kingfish. He also got his first ever snook. The 60's team took the day beating us badly. John's king was the largest fish of the trip.

Today, I get to listen to fish stories.

Another snook for dinner.

Another great fish dinner.

Brothers: Jim, John, Steve, Gaston, Don, Terry and Keno.

Last day of fishing, can the 60's team tie us or will the 50's team win it all?

Heading down the river.

Terry had a private room here, you
can see his white pants hanging on the line.

Don lands a nice 7 pound jack at the Sibon River mouth.

Jim lands his first snook of the day.

Jim lands his second snook of the day.

Don and I saved the day for the 50's team. With 2 snook, 4 jack and 4 snapper.

Gaston, George (our driver) and Don.

It's alway nice when someone else cleans the fish.

This guy does a nice job.

The boys relaxing after four hard days of fishing.

It must have been funny whatever it was.

Saying goodbye, time flies when you're having such a great time.

Brothers: Keno, Gaston, Don and Terry.

Brothers: Jim and Don.

The last supper!

Brothers: Keno, John, Jim, Gaston, Steve, Don and Terry.

Too bad you can't see the hats well, they have the Stags emblem on them (see below).

Brothers: John, Jim, Terry, Don, Gaston, Keno and Steve.

I ordered the hats from Brother Carlos Solis, who owns Florida Signs that does all types of advertising. The order called for the hats to be embroidered with the logo and the word Stags. Well, he had a problem with the equipment so he did a different process and sent the hats free of charge. I would like to thank Carlos again for his generosity. Carlos also donated the Reunion tee shirts last year, so if you need any type of advertising for your company please give Carlos a call.

On the twelve o'clock flight John won a drawing for a Father's Day gift.

On the two o'clock flight Keno won a drawing for a Father's Day gift. Stags are tough competition for the rest of the world.

One more shot of Belize before back to the old routine.

I finally got my BIG SNOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!