Costa Rica Fishing 2005

This trip was November 5th. to 11th. and was made by 5 Stags Brothers. John Dannelly, Keno McNeil, Don Humphries and Jim Kavney all from the class of 1957. From the class of 1960 was Keith Jobson.


On our way the Playa Jaco I decided to show the boys a little wild life. This is a big Crocodile in the 12 to 15 foot range.


A few of his Brothers. You don't want to fall into this water, believe me!

This was the Hotel Poseidon where we stayed. We stayed here because it was the only place with a purple and white sign. We all felt right at home.

Brother: Keno McNeil

Jaco Beach is a surfers town that if the wind is right has huge waves.

Surfboards are everywhere!

Lots and lots of small shops, restaurants, bars etc.

We all came back with tee shirts.


Just like any town in the US the roads are torn up.

Of course since Keith was taking these pictures he tried to get some local color.

No local color but gringos.

Finally Keith made it to the beach.

Next morning we are out for our first day of fishing. We didn't leave from the dock but from the beach. We went from a taxi boat that backed up to the beach best he could, and we waded out to the taxi then had a short ride out to our fishing boat at its mooring.

I couldn't believe the size of it. It was like a dingy, I said we can't fish five guys from this boat. This was the captain's own boat and his maiden voyage, so I shut up. But I knew this would test our Brotherhood to the max.

You couldn't stand under the Bimini top without bending .

Then we had good luck, water in the gas. The captain managed to get us back a little at a time. He also managed to get a bigger boat for the rest of the day.

Well, now doesn't it look crowded? And that's without Don and Keith in the picture.


Keno get the first hook up!

Keno, come on-reel him in.

Nice fish Keno, but he made you work.

Keno not getting his hands fishy, that's the captain's job.

Keith's turn.

He gets one in the boat.

We eat tonight, thanks to Keno and Keith.


Keith doesn't mind getting his hands fishy.

But it's still the captain's job to clean the fish.

The fish will be on the table in a few minutes. We can't wait!

We fish around the rocks the next days for roosterfish.

John has one on but didn't get it to the boat.

Today is a day off from fishing. Time for a little adventure, we are at my favorit place the Hotel Villa Lapas in the Costa Rican Rain Forest.

I got the hotel van to drive to the top of the mountain. We stop for a photo op, that's a six hundred foot waterfall.

This is the top of the mountain. Before us is awinding river (Rio Tarcoles) and the Pacific Ocean.

Here we are on the Sky Walk, a suspension bridge between two mountains.

We are in the tree canopy. There are five bridges; the highest is 180 feet off the ground. I didn't tell the guys that until later after our hike.

Back at ground level we are going to have lunch at the Villa Lapas.

Nice outdoor setting.

Right next to a little river.

The bartender has us hooked on a match trick and we can't get a beer until we figure it out.

I got a little tired of the match trick and could have a beer until the brain trust figured it out. I may as well do a little snake hunting. Came up with a four foot red tailed boa..

This guys was so easy going even Keno held him. No wimps on this trip!

Now for some real action. Get ready for the zip line.

Don leads off and there he goes.

Here John heading off over the river.

John landing on the next platform.

Don's going up to the next level.

Up comes John and myself.

Back on the water again.


Nice fish-looks like we'll be eating again tonight.

In the boat.

Not the biggest but he'll do.

My turn!

He's a fighter.

OK, in the boat.

Had to get a weight on this baby-24 pounds.

Last night's dinner; I think it will be fish agagin.

Heading to the airport Miami bound. GREAT, Great trip!