Pictures From The Past


This picture was taken in 1971. Brothers Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Phil "Sarge" Bailey, Dennis Wheeler, Don Miller, Bill Penny, Jeff Benson, Bob Cline.


Stags Party Circa 1959

Left to Right: Brothers Charles Flynn, Charlie Wolff (NS) & Bonnie Bennett, Bob Nelson, Max Harrison.

Top Center: THE PADDLE!!!

Brothers Phil Bailey and Bud Trammell

Before picking up their dates for the 1959 Stags Sweetheart Dance

Letterman 1965

Left to Right Bottom: Brothers Alan Brown and Bill Swain


Most Versatile 1965

Brother: Allan Brown



We all remember this across from Gables High


Most Adventurous 1965

Brother: John Norris



Left to Right: Brothers: Gonzalo Ruiz and Jose Herrera.

Best Sence of Humor 1965

Brother: Jose Herrera and Sara Lehman, Stag Sponsor

Track and Field Star 1965

Brothe:r Ken Diaz


Brother: Richard Bishop

Best Dressed 1965

Brother: Richard Bishop

ALL OF THE ABOVE PHOTOS FROM 1965 submitted by Jose Herrera.


Brother: Bruce Fischer Suspended for being President of TAU DELTA TAU

Brother: Marty Bruder (54) helps the Diabetes Research Institute.

Royal Order of Stags???

Class of 1965 CGHS 20th. Reunion

Stag Handshakes All Around

Don Humphries (1957) snake hunting on the Tamiami Trail sometimes staying out all night.

Jim Kavney (1957) snake hunting on the Tamiami Trail. Don and I spent many, many hours hunting snake since we were 12 years old. I've been interested in reptiles all my life. I still hunt snake twice a year, I take people to the Costa Rican Rain Forest to find and take pictures of reptiles. Check out my website (below) who knows you may be on my next trip.

Brother Herb Stebbins '68 with date Cindy Hays

Brother Tony Cook '57 and 1957 Stag Sweetheart Honky Rush

Tony Cook '57

John O'Day '57

Pete Swartz '57

Ed Short '57

Joe Weber '57

Mike Harrison '57

Dean de Mello '58

Micky Stefan '56

John Dannelly '57

Lance Caplinger '54

Ken West '54

Bill Day '58

Jack Slaton "58


Julian Speegle '58

Ronnie Peeples '58


Brother: Jim Kavney, Captain of CGHS First Gymnastics Team


We competed Statewide and brought home the medals.


Stag Brothers 10 years later (Mas o Menos)

Nice sunglasses!!

Who Won?????

Brothers Art Prichard & Don Humphrise New Years 1959

Brothers John Scopetta and Paul Johnstone pictured above. We also have the writer Brother Chalies Nobles class of 1958.

1956 Coral Gables High Football Team with 17 Stag Brother in the picture.

1973 Brothers Top L to R Vincent Saurez, Juan Coy and Carlos Solis

Joe Gomez, John Livergood, Armando Cabrera, John Dandenue & Ralph Tezano. (Love those bell bottoms)

Brothers Ralph Tezano and Carlos Solis

Carlos with the BIG hair!

Brothers Juan Coy, Ralph Tezano and Carlos Solis

(L to R)

Go Gables!!


Brothers Tom Schultz, Pat Smith(NS), Billy Williamson(NS), Len DeFoor, John Slaton, Jack Slaton. Did you ever see such narley fingers on guys so young.

Brothers Tom Schultz, , Len DeFoor, Jack Slaton, Papa Slaton. Pat Smith(NS), Billy Williamson(NS)

Brothers Jack Slaton, John Slaton, Melanie Buck, Pat Smith(NS), Wally Williamson, Denise Edwards (Schultz), Tom Schultz.

Brothers Tom Schultz, , Denise Edwards (Schultz) Pat Smith(NS), Jack Slaton, Melanie Buck, John Slaton, Wally Williamson.

Brothers Jack Slaton, Tom Schultz, Len DeFoor Graduation Day June 1958.

Brothers Tom Schultz and Wally WIlliamson, Christmas1959.

Brothers Tom Schultz and Denise Edwards (Schultz) Sweetheart Dance 1958.

Denise Edwards Letterman Sweetheart presented by Letterman President Brother Bob Sutton.

Brothers (L to R) Gaston Ruiz, Jack Lamb, Joe Herrera, Steve Trescott & Gonzalo Ruiz

Circa 1964

Brothers (L to R) Standing in jeans Juan Coy and Chiqui Solis with two N/S buddies.

Circa 1971 in North Carolina.

1965 Stags with Sponsor































Commodore Terrence W. Grant, 1976

Above are all the Stag Brother on the 1964 National Champion Team

Look at all the Stag Brothers in this Co-Eds Composite













Brother: Bill Holloway 1968

Composite from Bill Holloway modeling career 1965-66.



























Tau Delta Tau Brothers 1950 at Crandon Park

Sitting: Claude Thomas, Tommy Morris, Wally Pawley

Standing: Bob Bing, Dick Jennings, ??, Jimmy Ingram

Tau Delta Tau Class of 1951

Front row (L to R) Wayne Moore, Anton Brice, David Rush< Jack Wiley, Don Mann. 2nd Row Harry Mitchell, Unk, Dick Jennings, Unk, Unk, Leonard Carrier, Unk, Unk, Jerry Dunn and Henry Palmer. 3rd. Row Unk, Unk, Charles Pawley, Wallace Pawley, Jim Heaton, Claude Thomas, Ernest Toby, Bill Parker, Don West and Tommy Morris. Top Row Paul Kilcoyne, Tommy Holdcraft, Dick Gaunt, James Kilbride, Richard Killen, Don Barnes, Wade, Talmadge Horn and Brad Patton.


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