Reunion 2003

Page Two



The Beautiful Biltmore Hotel

Bob and Peggy Jones

Brothers: Mike O'Brien, Jack Slaton and Bob Jones

Bob Jones and Don Jobson

Brother: John and Cookie O'Day

Brother: Mike and Flora O'Brien

Brothers: Fred Acker and Dave Whitfield

John & Margay Grose, and Joe Atwood

Peggy Jones, John & Margay Grose, Carlos & Patty Villalta

Brothers: Mike O'Brien, John & Sara Salton and John O'Day. Watch the salt Johno!

Brothers: Jim Kavney and Dave Whitfield

Brothers: Bob Jones, Vicki Cauley (Dennis), Jim Fitzgibbon and Tom Southerland

Angelo & Susan Linakis, Bob Nelson, Randy & Michele Southerland and Tom Southerland

Brothers: Bob Jones and Joe Atwood. Joe can't stop coaching!

Brothers: Don Humphries and Bob Jones

Brothers: Fred Acker, Dean deMello and Bob Jones

Sponsor, Kay Whiteside (Spitzer)

Bob Jones and Billy Williamson

Brothers: Bob Jones and Tom Cook

Brothers: Dave Whitfield, Bob Jones and Tom Southerland

Brothers: Charlie Cook and Ernie Knighton

Let get the timing right or have another drink!

Jeannie Fantis and Denise DeBerard

Pam Drake and Denise DeBerard

Time to move it!!!!

Swing It, Denise

Jeannie Fantis

Pam, Jeannie and Denise

Denise and Juan Fernandez

Jeannie, her husband and Denise

Sweethearts and Sponsors being given a sweetheart Rose

More and more Sweethearts and Sponsors

Now this is a pretty picture!!

Brothers: Charlie Cook, Terry Grant, Bob Leidy and Brooks Henderson