Tau Delta Tau Alumni Association

This group was started in September 1958 by Brother Paul Kilcoyne (1953 Deceased). It was open to all Brothers out of high school. Its purpose was to keep all the Brothers together and have some fun doing so. Paul never quit being a brother. He kept track of everyone through the years. In calling all the brothers for the reunion I learned that for his 60th Birthday brothers came from across the country to attend his party. Sadly a few years later they came back to mourn him at his funeral. Paul was a great brother and leader and his memory will live forever with the Brothers who knew him.



Party at Bill Yearick's Home

September 1958

Brothers Paul Kilcoyne, Tommy Atwood and Terry Ward
Brothers Lee Bruder, Fred McClintock, Tommy Southerland and Max Harrison
Brother Dick Jennings
Brother Max Harrison
Brother Marty Bruder
Brothers Harry McCabe and Terry Grant
Brothers: Paul Murphy and Ronnie Bovard
Brother Phil Yonge
Brothers: Ronnie Bovard, Paul Murphy, Tom Southerland, Doug Walker and Terry Grant
Brothers: Terry Ward and Ralph Smith
Brothers: Ronnie Bovard, Terry Ward and Paul Kilcoyne
Brothers: ?? and Fred McClintock
Brothers: Bill Yearick and ??.
Brothers: Terry Ward, Paul Kilcoyne, Jerry Christman, Dick Jennings and Art Prichard

Beach Party at Crandon Park

October 1958

Brothers: Terry Ward, Mike Clow, Jack Langer, and Wally Hall
Brother: Dick Jennings
Brothers: Harry McCabe and ??
Brothers: Wally Hall, Harry McCabe,Fred McClintock, Terry, Ralph Smith (back) Stilts Morris (guest) Mike Clow, Don Humphries, Ronnie Bovard
Brothers: Dick Jennings and Ray Drosett
Brothers: Keno McNeil and Jim Kavney
Brothers: Ray Drosett and Jack Langer
Brothers: Ralph Smith and ??
Brothers: Ray Dorsett
Brothers: ??, ??, Don Humphries
Brothers: Keno Mc Neil and ??
Brother; Jack Langer
Brother: Jack Langer

Thanksgiving Party

at South Miami American Leigon Hall

November 27, 1958

Brothers: Mike Clow, Paul Kilcoyne,Terry Ward and Fred Acker

"The Four So and So"

Dick Wassenberg (guest)
Brother: Del Moore
Big Gulp!!
Brother: Don Ross
Brother: Terry Grant
Brother: Jerry Christman
Brother: Terry Grant
Marvin Barhary (guest)
Brother: Dick Jennings, Tom Holdcraft and Phil Crandon (guest)
Brothers: John Rudd and Bill Peacon (guest)
Brothers: Lee Bruder, Tommy Holdcraft and Dick Jennings
Brother: Paul Kilcoyne
Brother: Lee Bruder
Brother: Harry McCabe
Brothers: Terry Ward and Jack Sweeney
Brothers: Tony Cook and Bob Kaylor
Brother: Terry Grant
Brother: Terry Ward
Tom Southard (guest)
Brothers: ??
Brothers: Paul Kilcoyne and ??
Brothers: ??
Brothers: Terry Ward, Paul Kilcoyne and Jack Slaton
Brothers: Fred Acker, Terry Ward, Paul Kilcoyne and Mike Clown

Misc. Pictures and Parties

Fall 1958

Brother: Paul Kilcoyne and A Stone Cold Beauty
Brothers: Lee Bruder, Marty Bruder and ??
Brother: Paul Kilcoyne
Brothers: Paul Kilcoyne and Terry Ward
Brother: Paul Kilcoyne
Brother: Paul Kilcoyne
Brothers: Dick Jennings and ??
Camera Shy!!
Brothers: Ronnie Bovard, Phil Yonge and Terry Ward
Brothers: ??
Brothers: ??
Brother: Bill Von Seggern
Brothers: ??
Brothers: Terry Ward

Happy New Year 1959

January 1, 1959

Brother: Fred Acker
Brothers: ??, Alan Finnieston, Paul Murphy and Wayne Cabaza
Brothers: Bill Von Seggern front Lee Bruder, Tommy Holdcraft, Paul Kilcoyne and Jim Hoar
Brothers: Max Harrison, Paul Kilcoyne and Joe Tamburino
Brothers: Jim Kavney and Terry Grant
Brother: Paul Kilcoyne, Phil Crandon (guest)
Brothers: John O'Day, Cookie Suarez '59 Sponsor, Dale Dunwody '59 Sweetheart, ?? Bill Sinclair, Tony Cook and Paul Murphy
Brothers: Tom Schultz, Ron Vera and Art Pritchard
Brothers: Bob Sutton (front) Paul Murphy, Tommy Atwood and Fred Acker
Brother: Tom Pendray, John Slaton
Brother: Terry Ward
Brother: Tom Schultz (far left sitting)
Happy New Year 1959

Picnic at Crandon Park

March, 1959

Brothers: Don Ross, Jim Kavney, Don Humphries,Wayne Cabaza and John Rudd
Brothers: John O'Day,Ron Vera, Wayne Cabaza, Fred Acker, Jim Kavney, ??,
Brother: Jim Kavney
Brother: Mike O'Brien
Brother: Tommy Atwood
Brother: Terry Ward
Dave Whitfield
Brothers: Don Ross, Jim Kavney, Wayne Cabaza, Don Humphrise, John Rudd

Roaring Twenties Party

April, 1959

Brother: Paul Kilcoyne robs Brother Mike Day of all the bathtub Gin.
Brothers: Fred Acker, Paul Kilcoyne, Mike Day, ??
Brother: Keno McNeil, Fred Acker
Brothers: John O'Day, Fred Acker and Gary Humphries
Brothers: John Crane, Bill Sinclair,Paul Kilcoyne and Don Humphries
Brother: Art Prichard and Don Humphries
Brother: Jim Kavney
Brothers: Wally Williamson and Joe Atwood
Brother: Keno McNeil
Dick Wassenberg (guest)
Brothers; Bill Sinclair and Ron Vera
Brother: Terry Ward
Brothers: ??, Paul Kilcoyne
Brother: Joe Atwood, Mike Day, Paul Kilcoyne and Abe Lawton