Welcome to the Stags Website


We invite the participation of all past and future students of Coral Gables Senior High School or other schools of interest in our website. Fill free to copy any of the photos and join in on our message board. We do have a rule on the message board. Keep everything on a positive note and you must use your name and have a valid return e-mail address, if not your message maybe deleted. Also only start a new thread if it's new and not already on our list.

If you have any pictures or memorabilia of Stag Brothers, Sponsors or Sweethearts we would love to have copies for the website. If you know the location or have any information of any Brothers, Sponsors or Sweethearts we can use that too. Please check our missing Brother list in the left column. If you know anything even if it is well dated please pass it on.


E-mail to:

Jim Kavney