Reunion 2003

Reunion 2003 was held August 8th. and 9th. 2003, at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Fl. Friday night was a Reception in the Alhambra Room from 7:00 to 10:00 PM with well over 200 Brothers, Sweethearts, Sponsors, Spouses and Guests. We had to pay a little extra to keep the room open until midnight but, we were having such a good time no one wanted to leave. Saturday Dinner and Dance was held in the Grand Ball Room from 7:00 to 11.00 PM. We had paid for 216 people and had to add an additional table for ten. Again we had to ask for additional time and beg to stay until 1:30 AM. After dinner and a few short speeches we danced and drank the night away.


Brothers: John Sparkman '55 and John Dannelly '57

Brothers: John & Laura Crane, Alan & Kaaren Finneiston'57 and wives.

Brothers: Joe Byrd '49 and Ray Kaylor '50, both TDT Charter Members, Ray was TDT first President

Brothers: Elvin Norman and John Slaton both '57

Brother: Joe Byrd and Helen Kavney

Brothers: Ray Kaylor '50 and Ralph Tezanos '73. In 1948 President Ray Kaylor thought that the President Pin should be differint of the members pin. Ray paid a jewler to add two purple stones and on the end of the chain instead of the "S" it has a gravel. Ray paid $25 for this work and at the end of his last year he sold the pin to the club for $25 with idea that the pin would be pasted from president to president. At the Reunion President Ralph Tezanos '73 proudly wears the President's Pin that had been passed down from 23 Stag Presidents.

Brother: Jose Herrera and Sweetheart Terrie Pogue '65

Getting ready to Eat, Drink and Dance

Brother: Don Hunphries '57 and Reunion Book Editor and 1958 Sponsor Kay (Whiteside) Spitzer



Brother: Bob Trescott and Kay Spitzer are first on the floor.

A beautiful arrangement of Purple & White flowers delivered to Stags Club at the hotel as our Dinner Dance started. This beautiful arrangement was sent by our Ching Tang cousins.

We had a table for our Deceased & Missing Brothers.

Just getting ready!

Crowded Dance Floor!

Brother: John Gibson

Brother: Dean deMello and Bob Victor (NS)

Now we're moving!




Brother: Sarge Bailey with the girls!

Helen Kavney chatting it up with the girls!

Brothers: John Crane and John Dannelly

Brothers: Joe Atwood '54 and Chris Christman '54.

Brothers: Jim Kavney & Don Humphries with Honky Bowles, Sweetheart 1957 & Kay Spitzer, Sponsor 1958.

BrotherS Jim Kavney, Don Humphries and Kay Spitzer.

Brothers: Ed Harrison, Don Humphries and Wally Williamson

Brothers: Don Humphries, Kay Spitzer, Honky Bowles and Jim Kavney.

Helen and Jim Kavney

Brothers: Ron Vera, Mike Harrison, Wally Williamson, Elvin Norman, Bob Victor (NS) Don Humphries and Billy Williamson (NS)

Brothers: Elvin Norman, Billy Williamson (NS) Fred Acker and Ross Downing

Brothers: Don Jobson (NS) Ken West '55 and Dave Whitfield '57.

Brothers: Sitting, Bob Herrom, Tom Cook '59, Jim Fitzgibbon '59, Standing: Joe Akerman, Tom Schultz '58, Wally Williamson & Dean deMello '58.

Brothers: Wally Williamson, John Slaton and Boris Vichot '71

Brother: Wallace and Geraldine Pawley '53

Brothers: Mike & Marie Harrison '57 and Honky Bowles

Brothers: Len De Foor, Jim Kavney, Billy Williamson (NS) Linda William and Elvin Norman

Brothers: Don Humphries, Elvin Norman, John O'Day '57, Fred Acker, Vic Muzii '53 and John Slaton

Brothers: Gaston Ruiz, Pam Porter (Mills), Janet Eaton (Sherr) John Scopetta

Brothers: Art Tezanos, Gaston Ruiz and Nelson Gonzalez

Brothers: Front Gaston Ruiz, Ginger Perkins, Jeran McClain, Kris Kimel, Standing Cielo Gibson, Ruth Sigler, Janet Eaton, Herb Stebbins, Pam Porter, Manny Garcia

Brothers: Gaston Ruiz, Mark Leopold, Gonzalo Ruiz

Brothers: Mark Leopold, Don Devane, Gonzalo Ruiz and Jose Herrera

Brothers: Jim Kavney and Gaston Ruiz

Ginger Pirkins and Gaston Ruiz

??, Cielo Gibson, Gaston Ruiz and Janet Eaton.

Brothers: Kris Kimel and Gaston Ruiz

Brothers: Hemley, Bischoff, Scopetta, Tezanos, Isidro, Ortega and Gonzalez

Linda Ruiz, Jose Herrera and Marilyn Ruiz

Brothers: Brian Raul, ??, George Mondosa, ??, Ginger Perkins ??

Brothers: Roberto Suarez, Geogre Hines, ??, ??, Mike Flynn, Brian Raul and George Scopetta

Brother: Gonzalo Ruiz

Brothers: Eileen Ortega, Steve Bischoff, Ginger Perkins, Jose Ortega and Roberto Suarez

Ana Bischoff, Cielo Gibson, Eillean Ortega, Jose Ortega, Steve Bischoff

Brothers: Ruiz

Brothers: Front Cielo Gibson,, Ginger Perkins, Jeran McClain, Kris Kimel, Standing Ruth Sigler, Janet Eaton, Herb Stebbins, Pam Porter

Brothers: Wally Williamson and Tom Cook

Brothers: Wally Williamson and Tom Cook (Wallys New Do)

Getting ready for Friday Night

Ching Tang Cousins Caleb Estes and Bob Victor

Saturday night gals!

Stags Sweethearts and Sponsors Pretty as ever!

Brother: Elvin Norman

Brothers: Fred Acker and Don Humphries chatting with Kay Spitzer

First Tau Delta Tau Chapter President, Brother Ray Kaylor had a few words to say.

Stags Sweethearts and Sponsors

Brother: Jim Fitzgibbon '59 and '58 Sponsors Barbara Rosher


Sarge, does your hat ever get in the way of things?

Steady girls!!!

That's it get some help!!

Keith and Don Jobson

Jeran McClain, Ron Shafer, Jim Bozek and Kris Kimel

Brothers: Len De Foor and Jack Slaton


Brothers: Don Humphries, Ron Vera and Jack Slaton

Stu Hill (NS) Melba and Nelson Howard, ??, Raul Guitierrez

John Scopetta, Eilane Ortega, Jose Ortega and Carol Beebee

Brothers: Harry McCabe, Phil Yonge, Vic Muzzi, Ralph Smaith, Jim Kanvey & John Slaton

Mayra & Jose Herrera, Connie Pogue and Terrie Pogue

Gonzalo & Marilyn Ruiz, Gaston & Linda Ruiz


Jim Kavney gets a paddle from Brothers!

Janet Eaton delivers a speech on behalf of Gaston Ruiz about his "Memorial Oak Trees" to CGHS

Charter member and First TDT President Ray Kaylor said a few words. "Assume the Position."

Barbara Rosher, Bill Williamson, Dean deMello, Wally Williamson and Linda Williams

Fred Acker and Tom Southerland

Tom Kavney, ?? Zaida & Ivan Lopez and Stu Hill

Art, Herb, Manny, Chris, Nelson and Gaston

Chuck Hemley, Edgar Menesas, John Scopetta and Gaston Ruiz

Jeran McClain, Gaston Ruiz and Pam Porter

Jose Herrera, Charlie France and Gaston Ruiz

Brothers: Gaston Ruiz and Dave Perez

Brothers: John Scopetta and Steve Bischoff

Melba Howard, Gaston Ruiz, Ivan and Zaida Lopez

Brothers: Ron Shafer '66, Jim Bozek '66, Gaston Ruiz '68 and Larry Silver '67.

Linda Hareman and Gaston Ruiz

Stag Wives

Manolo Vidal and Nelson Gonzalez

Elaine Ortega, Steve Bischoff, Ginger Perkins, Jose Ortega and Roberto Suarez

Ginger Perkins and Roberto Suarez

Jose Ortega and Charles Pawley

John Gibson, ??, Brian Rual, Steve Bischoff

Ginger Perkins and Arturo Tezanos

Jean Chrisso, George Scopette, Sarge Bailey and Say Chrisso

Jean Chrisso, Denise DeBerard and Sarge Bailey

Edgar Meneses, Ginger Perkins and Steve Bischoff

Edgar and Lourdes Meneses

Vance Bretz, Elaine Ortega and Steve Bischoff

Brother: George Mandoza. Reunions are tough work!

Kay Spitzer, Don Humphries and Linda Williams

Brother Charles Pawley and wife Barbara

Brother Terry Grant and Russi Arden

Joan (Kaylor) and Don Keenan, Elaine and Ray Kaylor (1st. President)

Denise DeBerard and Pam Drake working the name badges Friday Night

Brother John Sparkman, looking over the List of Deceased Brothers.

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